How does Spinner Ag Inc price its products?
All products are priced per unit and are delivered prices to your facility.

Does Spinner Ag Inc guarantee the product?
Spinner Ag Inc only guarantees that the product will be delivered to your location in good resalable condition in accordance with the sales order. Spinner Ag Inc does not guarantee product performance. Always read and follow the manufactures label.

How does Spinner Ag Inc ship its products?
Depending on the size of the order, Spinner Ag has many different shipping solutions. Our primary shipping partners are Fed Ex Freight, XPO and Fed Ex Package. We also have a number of special shipping services available to us to better serve our customers such as guaranteed delivery times, protection from freezable liquids and real-time tracking information.

Does Spinner Ag Inc offer rebates?
Spinner Ag does not offer rebates. All sales are net sales with any discounts already accounted for.

What forms of payment does Spinner Ag Inc accept?
Check, ACH, Wire Transfer

Does Spinner Ag Inc offer inventory protection?
We do not offer inventory protection, all sales are final with no returns.